Helpful Hints

Good Things to Know


Almost everyone in Puerto Penasco takes U.S. dollars. If you want to use Pesos that's great too, but if you would rather use USD you can use them easily. Be sure to bring smaller bills.

Mexican car insurance is required when in traveling in Mexico. Even if you carry U.S insurance, this does not satisfy Mexico's insurance requirements. Speak with your insurance agent or find it easily online, or at the border.

Credit or Debit Cards: Notify your bank you will (or might) use your card in Mexico or your purchase may be declined when you try to use the card. Before you use the card at a restaurant or other retail location, verify the business accepts cards as many do not.

Cell Phones 

  • If you plan to use a cell phone, make sure you have a plan that covers calls, texts or data in Mexico. Verify with your provider if unsure. 
  •  Some cell providers require you to dial 001 then the area code and phone number to call a U.S. number from a U.S. number. 
  • If dialing a local number in Puerto Penasco, often all that is needed is to dial the area code (638) and then the 7 digit number. 
  • Many people use an app called "WhatsApp" to avoid dialing access codes and/or  international calling charges and to send data such as pictures. 

 For any emergency, dial 911

Uber and Lyft are not available, but there are many taxi's and they are easy to get. Be sure you know the price before you agree to the ride. Always ask first. 

We recommend using Rocky Point Adventures ( to book your excursions such as sunset cruises, ziplining, parasailing, ATV rentals, etc.